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About dreams

Volvo P1800

Most of us, I think, have dreams. Even those so down-to-earth. Fantasy, on the other hand, is something that most adults have forgotten about. We only let children fantasize. To a point. But that’s a different story. Writing about dreams, I think about more plausible, realistic possibilities. We wish they come true, but we don’t always do anything about it…

Turn your dreams into plans

Wise men often write that we should turn our dreams into plans. We dream our dreams, but we realize our plans. Right? So, from now on, my plan is to earn money for the entry fee for the Peking to Paris rally. That’s some little classic car ride.

Some say that the idea for this rally was born in 1907 (according to Wiki) as a result of such an announcement:

What needs to be proved today is that as long as a man has a car, he can do anything and go anywhere. Is there anyone who will undertake to travel this summer from Peking to Paris by automobile?

I will!

I mean… I would if I had a pre- 1976 car. That’s the rule. Then you take this car on the 14.000 km journey from Beijing to Paris, taking part in some additional activities on the way. Blood sweat and tears. Sand in your mouth. A month in a tight tin can. Unless you choose a convertible.

Gonnissen & Gelan – Contal Mototri Tricycle – Szczecin

I don’t know, what car I would choose. Is it better to listen to your heart, or to pick the most ‘ralliest’ car? This year you could see various vehicles on the road. Gonnissen and Gelan came with a motorcycle Contal Mototri Tricycle. There were also some Mercedeses and quite a few of my favorite Volvos (Amazon, P1800, PV…). All in all relatively young cars made it best (Leyland, Porsche, and Datsun ‘stood’ on the podium).

That’s still ahead of me, though. As for yet, all I can do is to watch others struggle and earn money on writing. A couple of days ago the participants of the rally 7th edition went through Szczecin. On the 3rd and 4th of July, I was one of the grinning enthusiasts smelling the fumes of the classic cars rushing through the city streets.

Pekin – Szczecin – Paris

The route ot the Peking to Paris rally 2019
The route of the rally – www.endurorally.com/events/the-7th-peking-to-paris-motor-challenge/

While watching the speed test we could observe different approaches to the rally. Some teams would drive calmly, trying not to harm their priceless vehicles. Others would slowly familiarize themselves with the route, and then speed up. Finally, there were some, who would push their cars to the limits from the very beginning. For us, the audience, the latter would be the most entertaining (it’s about you, Italians!).

Team Xena – Volvo Amazon – Szczecin
Team Xena – Volvo Amazon – Szczecin

Unfortunately, the lower bolt joint in the Volvo Amazon from New Zealand (Team Xena 4 Life), would not withstand the confrontation with the Szczecin’s cobblestone. Ladies were got out of this part, but they fixed the car and got to Paris on the 34th position (among 120 teams). And I had an occasion to take some close photos…

The prize

Goodwin&Goodwin – Bentley Super Sports – Szczecin
Goodwin&Goodwin – Bentley Super Sports – Szczecin

We all know that people enter all these rallies, races, and competitions to be the first. And to win the prize. What it’s like in the case of Peking to Paris? During the first edition ever, over a hundred years ago, the only prize was a bottle of champagne. Just like that. A gentlemen’s entertainment. Today it’s similar. It isn’t an event you enter for the awards. You either have it inside you or not. Pain is temporary, glory is forever.