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Frequently Asked Questions

Copywriter FAQ

Below you will find frequently asked questions and answers about copywriting and my services.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, let me know. Everything you need to contact me is in the Contact tab.

Why do I need a copywriter?

Because you want to sell more. That’s what copywriters do. They write texts that sell.

Like Bill Gates, I think that you should make use of experts’ services in your business. When I don’t know how to do something, I delegate this task to someone better than me. Meanwhile, I do my job and make money

I can make the text work for you. To build your fame, credibility, and make people buy from you.

If you have anything worth selling, I will make sure it’s worth buying.

Where does the price come from?

Because I do it right, and you need it.

Remember that you don’t pay for tapping on a keyboard. In the process of creating a text that works, writing is only one stage.

Moreover, you pay for a text that has a particular function. You get a tool that is matched to your needs. In this case, the tool consists of letters, words, and sentences.

How to get an offer?

Send me an email or call me.

Every detail you might need is in the Contact tab.

Ideally, you should send me at least a draft of a brief, which is a set of guidelines important for your project.

You can try sending a chase of private detectives after me, but I will easily mislead them in my area.

How long will it take to write my text?

It will be clear by the time we agree on details. You can be sure that I will tell you before accepting the order.

The amount of time needed for the execution depends on various factors. First, I want to work out what you actually need, and what is the best way to provide it.

Moreover, what counts are the size of your order, its complexity, or the number of gigs I’m working on at the time.

Regular customers can count on an overnight delivery.

Are adjustments included?


Usually, two iterations of adjustments are included in the price.

However, changing the assumptions we agreed on, doesn’t count as adjustment.

What if I won’t like what I get?

I make corrections or you don’t pay.

First of all, let me know. I will adjust the text to your expectations.

You can make use of two iterations of adjustments.

However, to avoid such situations, I advise you to create a brief or fill out mine.
If you still won’t be satisfied with the adjustments, we can resign in peace. You won’t pay anything, and I will stay with a text. Probably I will use it in differently (e.g. by publishing it on this site).

What industries do you write for?

IT, Automotive, Project Management, Business – these are my specialties.

Even if your business doesn’t fall within any of them, contact me. I’m ready to help you. It might not be an order for me, but I will share my contacts with you, so you can find a specialist who will fit your needs.

Do you charge an hourly rate?

No. You pay for a job done.

Why? because my time is priceless. Besides, if I were to count every hour I spend on research, analysis, content planning, and adjustments, it would turn out that I don’t work only when I’m asleep.

Will I receive an invoice?

Yes, of course. I run a licit business.

Although it’s difficult to weave some storytelling into an invoice, I handle writing them. Your invoice will contain my enterprise details, the list of services you’re billed for, date of payment, amount to pay, and my bank account.

I can send you the invoice via email or post. I can’t deal with pigeon post.

The standard payment period is 7 days.

What payment methods do you accept?

Bank transfer and cash.

I prefer bank transfers. It’s much more convenient for you, for me, and the tax office.

Can I get a discount?

Everything is possible.

I haven’t heard of anyone, who got one, though. Charities and NGOs are the only exceptions.

Do you write free samples?


If you want to check my writing skills but don’t want to pay for that, have a look at texts available on this site, my LinkedIn and my Portfolio.

Do you have a portfolio?


You will find it in the Portfolio tab. Besides, there’s the Article tab, where I publish some interesting texts.

Do you have more questions?

Send me an email or reach me some other way. My address and phone number are in the Contact tab.