I write texts that your business needs

I write texts that your business needs

Copywriter Simon Kedzior
Let me know, what you need. Send me an e-mail

My name is Simon Kedzior. I am a writer for hire. I write the texts that you need.

What for?

To sell. To persuade. To seduce.

Maybe you’ve already heard about content marketing? Do you want to know, what it’s all about? Perhaps you’re wondering ‘Is that for me? Does my company really need it? What values will it bring for me?’

If you want, I can help you answer these questions and choose the content suited best to your needs.

Writing is my job. And I value credibility in the trade

I do not write a text that I would be ashamed of. Before I get down to work, I make sure, that I can help you. I only pick up orders that I can fulfill.

I want your company to show off its best face

This is why I devote a lot of time to preparations. At the very beginning, I will check for your needs. I will suggest some solutions. Then it’s time for research and some planning (a text needs its structure).

Finally, I will write the text that you need.

That’s right. Writing words is only one of the final stages of my work.

I’m here for you

Of course, you can do all of that on your own. However, putting the letter together is only a part of the bigger process. To prepare a good text, the one that will work (e.g. that will sell), you need to plan the content and how it’s constructed.

Finally, you will need some poetic fantasy to piece it together neatly.

Do you want to devote your time to arduous creation, or maybe you prefer to focus on your specialty and earn some money?

You can be sure that:

  • I will hear you out to give your content the character which suits it best
  • You will receive exactly the text that you need
  • You can do whatever you want with that text
  • You will receive an author-written text
  • Final content will include your suggestions and expectations
  • I will send you an invoice that you can (probably) charge into deductible expenses

Keep in mind, that if you don’t like my work, you’re not going to lose anything

You pay only after you accept the text!

Since you are here, I assume that I have successfully attracted your attention

The same way I will grab the attention of your clients.

I also hope that you need a professional, who will prepare the content that you need. Let me know, how I can help you.