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My Tinder Profile

Photo of a couple

This time I will familiarize you with what my Tinder profile would look like. Aiming to create such a profile, it’s good to prepare yourself, just like you do with any other text that’s supposed to sell something. Forgive me if my approach is too cynical for you, but yes, we sell and buy on Tinder. So, what should you do to make the profile successful, and what’s the fuzz all about?

And what’s this Tinder?

Not everyone needs to know what Tinder is. Therefore I will begin with a short introduction. It’s a specific dating portal. Usually, it’s associated with fast dating and casual sex. An interesting and innovative part is the mechanism of pairing the users. First, you set up the location, and the system presents the people from your area. Next, take a look at some profiles and workout your thumb swiping right or left. Right – nice, left – not nice. When both sides of the transaction swipe right, they can communicate and make a date. That’s all.

Research – what do women desire?

I want to sell well, so I’m getting down to some research. It appears, that there are many fewer women than men on Tinder. It means I need to buck up and do my best. A glance at a couple of articles about, what do women look for on Tinder and now I know. There ought to be pretty photos, but not too pretty. Nice description, but not too nice… I’m thinking, which expectations I can stand. Fortunately, a tanned six-pack photo is not an option for me. However, I have read somewhere that a photo with a guitar will do the job. I will ask my wife to take a picture of me with the Ukulele I got from her. Let’s go. There will be no photo with a puppy either since I don’t have any at hand.

The truth will set you free

And will sell. There’s no sense pitching your client a line if you care about building a stable brand. Anyway, I have already written about that in “How to sell a comb to a bald man” (in Polish). Let’s focus on what we really can offer. I’m not a fighter pilot, I don’t sing serenades and I don’t earn as much as the president of our national oil company. Buuut… What I can offer, you will learn later in this post.

Make it funny

Apparently, especially when you don’t look as good as George Clooney, your sense of humor is a powerful weapon. Since Tinder doesn’t give you much space, you need to focus. A funny photo will be useful. Besides, intelligent wordplay and a pinch of irony will be helpful. Provided, your victim shares a similar sense of humor, but I don’t think you want to date someone it’s hard to joke with. Anyway, even business is better when you make it with someone you like.

Short form

You shouldn’t get too lengthy with the text, as I did with this post.

Alright, so what will my profile look like?

Example of a Tinder profile