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Privacy policy

1. My name is Szymon Kędzior and I am the owner of this site, contentsimon.com
2. If you call me on the phone number provided in the contact tab – my smartphone, like all others, will save your number. Well, unless you call from a reserved one.
3. I will not share this number with anyone without your consent.
4. Let me know and I will definitely remove your number from my phone.
5. The same applies to all e-mails sent to the address provided in the contact tab. If you write to me, I will write back. I will not give your e-mail address to anyone. Apart from Gmail, which does technical work.
6. On the website I use cookies that remember, for example, what language version you use and I use them analyze statistics.
7. I also use Google Analytics on the website to know what content is most interesting to you, at what time most people read my posts and where they are from.
8. If you want, most browsers allow you to block the use of cookies. You can check in the settings.