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The First Post

Simon Kedzior Copywriter

Hi, I’m Simon and I write texts. I tell stories. You can hire me if you need a written word. I do it because I like it. And I’m pretty good at it.

I was supposed to be an agent, not a writer

When I was a kid, I wanted to become James Bond. Never happened. Later, I wanted to be a philologist. Another plan was to fulfill me in project management. Years had passed as I worked in gastronomy, teaching English, dealing with projects, and guiding truck drivers around Europe. I had been looking for my path for quite a long time. Eventually, a time has come, to seriously pick up something that I like doing. And it came out, that I do it well.

Do you have any expectations?

This is the first post on the ContentSimon blog. That’s why you will learn what you can expect from me. In line with a pretty straightforward strategy, you will find here texts about one of these three topics:

  • Automotive

  • IT

  • Management

Cars have always been in my life. The fault of my family. More than once I have made my hands and face dirty with some oil. A couple of times I flew out of the road and paid several tickets. I constantly scroll through car adverts looking for some classic car…

IT came into my life by an accident. On the other hand, processors, networks, algorithms, all this stuff is closer than it seems. I believe that nowadays everyone should understand, at least a little bit about how it works.

Management, HR, Project management. Studies that had led me to work in IT. I also learned a lot about people, business, and how to effectively carry out projects Besides, you will see when you read the next posts.

Some of the things I have written you will find in my Portfolio. There are some links to texts written in English and Polish.

Am I going to write about anything else?

Yes. I will write about writing as well. So it will be about my job. I’m going to share some of my thoughts about the craft and how to write good texts. If you want to read about something in particular, or just want to express your admiration, you can find contact details when you click, well… Contact on the main menu.